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Hypnotherapy (using hypnosis in a therapeutic environment) is known to be beneficial in the treatment of many issues.  Sometimes we may not be consciously aware of how we can best deal with these issues.  When willpower no longer works or is ineffective it may indicate that a deeper emotional issue is at play.  Imagine having a friend that knows everything about you, remembers everything you have ever experienced, felt and seen.  This friend believes in you and in your ability to be able to achieve what ever you desire.  Sounds like a great friend to have, right?  Well this friend is a metaphor for your unconscious mind.  Simply by activating your unconscious mind you can get the full power of your mind behind you and begin the journey towards your ultimate self.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of managing grief and loss, building self-esteem, motivation and performance in the workplace or sporting arena, reducing fear of public speaking, stop nail biting, sooth anger issues, improving relationships and much more. 

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Beating Addiction

Take control of your life and put an end to your addictions, it doesn’t matter if it’s drugs, alcohol, gambling or even chocolate, hypnotherapy can give you your life back (permanently).


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Birth Preparation

Worried or nervous, perhaps even terrified of birth?  Wondering how you will cope?  Using Hypnotherapy will help to alleviate your fears and anxieties and create a new positive, more confident mind set so that you can birth with ease and comfort!



Banishing Fears & Phobias

Whatever the your fear or phobia these feelings are all formed in the mind and will respond to the established protocols of hypnotherapeutic intervention.


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Overcoming Depression, Anxiety & Stress

Hypnotherapy can teach you how to quiet those thoughts, calm your emotions and start feeling good about yourself.


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