Hypnosis – Areas of Specialisation

Hypnosis (‘hypnos’ is a greek word meaning sleep), is the term given to the state of consciousness that our mind moves to when in a similar state to that of sleep (though not actually asleep).  When people are hypnotised they are not asleep, (some clients have described it as being in a ‘bit of a trance’), in fact when people are hypnotised they are capable of being alert, can move, talk and interestingly their brain waves are different from when in physiological sleep.  Hypnosis can be described as a state of heightened suggestibility.  This heightened suggestibility offers us the opportunity of changing and even eliminating non serving habits or limiting beliefs.  There is much research available today that supports the efficacy of hypnosis for therapeutic benefit (hypnosis + therapy = hypnotherapy).

Hypnotherapy is a valuable tool to help deal with many common (& not so common) ailments…

anxiety, addictions, athletic performance, birth trauma, bruxism, childbirthdepression, fears, fertility, goal setting, IBS, improving study habits, insomnia, nail biting, motivation, OCD, overeating, phobias, birth preparation, stress, weight control.

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