Overcome Fears and Phobias effectively with hypnosis


Fear is the body’s natural defence against danger or the unknown, but if your anxieties, fears or phobias are irrational or running rampant, you can feel that you have no control over them. The effects can range from inconvenience through to severe incapacitation and panic attacks.   Symptoms include a racing heart, trembling, dizziness and suddenly feeling hot or cold.


Such anxieties or phobias may be responses to a stimulus based in nature, such as fear of the dark or storms; or fear of certain a

nimals. Or the stimulus might be fears around one’s body itself such as blood or injections; or fear of certain situations, such as flying, public speaking or dating.


Whatever the causal stimulus or the symptoms, these feelings are all formed in the same way in the mind and they all respond to the established protocols of hypnotherapeutic intervention.   This involves identifying the underlying causes and undoing the conditioned response to the stimulus. My customised sessions will desensitise your mind to your particular fear and give you the tools to overcome it.


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