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Conception is a natural, normal event for healthy men and women, yet some couples experience difficulties.  What is happening within the body or even within the couple and the family that may be blocking this natural, normal function?


Difficulty in falling pregnant is usually an inherently stressful situation in which to find oneself, causing worry and anxiety, which in turn can exacerbate the problem itself. Being under such continuous stress causes an array of physical and chemical reactions within us that, left unchecked, can lead to unnecessary anxiety and other health issues and impact on our relationships and social life in general.


Whilst conception is a natural, normal event if you experience challenges falling pregnant the first point of contact is generally your GP, as they can help you ascertain if there are any physiological issues preventing pregnancy and if so refer you to a fertility specialist.


In conjunction with your care provider Hypnotherapy can restore your mind, body and emotions to their natural balance, using deep relaxation and clinical interventions. The deep relaxation experienced in hypnotherapy releases the body’s own natural relaxant, the feel-good hormone, endorphin, restoring a state of calm and tranquillity. The clinical interventions address the worrying mind and its anxiety with alternative perspectives that restore a sense of control and wellbeing. The take-home techniques maintain these gains.


So if you are dealing with fertility issues, the added benefit of hypnotherapy can help restore your mind and body to a state of calm, reduce stress and help increase your chances of being pregnant.   Anyone using Hypnotherapy will be taught the importance of working to create a more positive mindset from the beginning.


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