"I saw Trish a few months ago, as I was nearing the end of my pregnancy. I was looking for assistance in preparing for birth and ensuring some of my past previous experiences and emotions were just that, in the past. I wanted to go into my birthing experience feeling calm and confident, I did not want to be surprised or have to work through any emotions or experiences that were unrelated to the here and now. For me, this appt was a formality, I felt I was prepared already that I had worked through my previous difficult postpartum periods, I had come to terms with my very painful previous birth and the guilt of an unplanned pregnancy, so incredibly close to my previous child. As I burst in to tears simply talking through some of these concerns with Trish, I realised just how raw they in fact were and how very quickly and easily they came to the surface (especially with the added bonus of pregnancy hormones). Trish was empathetic, honest, gentle with me, I never felt judged, weird or that I was being overly emotional. I felt I could share anything with Trish and this was my first appointment!

We went through the hypnotherapy and I felt extremely comfortable with this process, Trish was easy to listen to and follow, at the end of the session I felt much lighter, I truly felt a weight lifted. The next day I felt even better and after having my baby 5 weeks ago, I know I would not have had the beautiful, calm, easy experience I had, if I had not seen Trish and had her work her magic.

I can’t thank you enough Trish."

- Birth Preparation (Brisbane) 2018




"I have always been an uneasy, anxious flier and with an upcoming long haul flight I decided to see Trish.  Before seeing Trish even thinking about getting on a flight made me feel tight chested and panicky.  Our session was fantastic and I felt incredibly calm after and able to face the idea of flying afterwards.

On the morning of the flight I usually can’t eat and feel terribly anxious, but this time I woke up feeling excited about it.  On the plane I felt at ease and enjoyed the flight interacting with my family rather than being tense and on edge.  It has truly changed my outlook and I no longer worry about booking future flights.

I can’t thank Trish enough for giving me the control back that I thought was out of my reach."

- Long Time Fear of Flying (Brisbane) 2018
"I can’t rate this lady highly enough.  She has a calm aura that immediately puts you at ease. My ‘quiet’ 9 year old son, really took to her. We have been trying to banish the thumb sucking for years and have tried numerous methods. Within 2 hours/1 session Trish had worked her magic and my son has not sucked his thumb since.  If you are looking for a genuine, caring and trustworthy hypnotherapist, do yourself a favour and book an appointment with Trish, you won’t be disappointed."
- Mum of Two (Brisbane) 2018
"I just saw Trish Cumming at The Gap. This has been a long time coming and I wasn’t quite sure why I was there (this is not atypical).

The hypnotherapy session that unfolded was one of best experiences I’ve had in a long long time. This woman is incredible. I came out of a 90 minute session with a deep conviction that my strengths are burning bright and a heart-inspired grin on my face.

I also just saw one of the best listeners I’ve ever come across. Everything I said (which I thought was effing random) came back to me with intense relevance and reinforced so much of my self belief, even where I didn’t know my self belief was as lacking.

I now know why I went!

Thanks Trish x "

- Dan (Brisbane) 2017

Previous Birth Trauma and Birth Preparation

"I was recommended to see Trish to help with preparing for the birth of our second child following quite a traumatic birth the first time around. Trish was really welcoming and supportive and extremely positive to be around. We worked through my issues, went through some strategies and techniques to use during labour and birth, and I did one on one hypnotherapy sessions. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is trying to conceive, is pregnant or even struggling with previous birth experiences!! Will not hesitate to engage with Trish at any point in the future.  "
- Hayley (Brisbane) 2017

Athletic Performance Improvement (quieting the negative voice)

"I started seeing Trish for hypnotherapy semi regularly after I competed in the GPC states powerlifting competition in 2016 and completely bombed due to my own negative self talk. Failing many of my lifts and hating the experience I swore I would never compete again. Prior to that experience, I never really understood what it meant to self sabotage yourself, in any form. I knew people did it to themselves through diet, performance, exercise, the list goes on, but I had never experienced it myself at such intensity. I walked away from that experience feeling a lot of self pity and had inwardly decided I would never compete again, telling myself I was far better put to use as a coach on the sideline, not as an athlete.


I sat with that for a few days, but then got over it and reached out to Trish to see if she could help me. I don’t generally let things beat me, and I wasn’t about to let my own head beat me. Fast forward to the lead up to the 2017 GPC states and my 12 week prep is a completely different story. Armed with strategies Trish and I collaboratively came up with in our sessions together, I am suddenly having an extremely positive experience with my training and prep. The injuries are reduced, I am able to put a stop to any negative self talk with tools Trish has given me and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

On the day of the actual comp, I felt like a completely different person. I was focussed, I felt like I was worthy of being there, I had an athletes mindset and I was successful, beyond what I ever expected. I can’t wait to see what Nationals brings for me and will continue to see Trish during the prep to strengthen my mind, just like any other muscle. What I have learnt from this experience is that we can take control of our mind, our thoughts and our performance, but sometimes we need a little help from a friend. Xx "

- Chantal (The Gap) 2017


"As a client, I would highly recommend Trish’s services to anyone, without hesitation.


Trish is very professional and highly effective.


After spending considerable time to get to know the client, to identify their concerns/ issues, Trish takes a practical, multi faceted approach and applies Her techniques intuitively to tailor sessions to address specific issues for a specific client.


Trish is mindful, perceptive, empathetic, insightful and unique.


Trish truly embodies the spirit of ‘Earth Mother’."

- CC March 2017
"I called Trish some weeks ago to discuss whether hypnotherapy may be appropriate given a few things that I have been struggling with for some time. Trish was great over the phone, listening to each of my issues and we established an appointment for a week down the track. Arriving at her office, I completed the questionnaire and then Trish and I spent another 20 minutes again discussing my issues and talking about a time when things were working well for me; not so well and what being able to more actively control these issues would look like for me. Then came the fun part! I got to lie down in a plush leather recliner and Trish tucked me in with a soft blanket. She spoke to me in a series of statements, leading me to a very relaxed state, although I struggled to maintain the ideas thought many times that I may not have been able to be hypnotised. The next thing I knew, I heard Trish quietly telling me to slowly open my eyes. I felt incredibly relaxed and light – as though I had just had the BEST sleep ever. On review, I learned that I had been hypnotised for a far greater timeframe than I had thought.

So, a week later, how do I feel? I feel great (despite a little upset tummy yesterday). I have found that sticking to the plans that I have made has been easier, I am far less anxious and stressed than prior to the hypnosis (and this is during an organisational restructure!), and the relaxed feeling that I had a week ago has continued to a more functional degree. The desire to do things that I am trying to control (eating, drinking and being inactive) is certainly greatly reduced. Its not that the thoughts don’t pop into my head; but I am more calmly rejecting them. Overall, I would say that, for me, hypnosis with Trish was a really worthwhile experience and I am very glad that I did it. I am looking forward to seeing how I manage my habits in the weeks and months to come. "

- Alex (The Gap) 2016
"I found that Trish has a calming nature, willingness to listen and was responsive to my interaction during the hypnotherapy session.  The atmosphere of security and peace when in session encouraged me to explore possibilities of opening up to the information needed for me to expand my awareness of self and my subconscious mind.  This enabled me to confirm a change of direction in my life and purpose that I have now started to implement.  I look forward to my next session with Trish to explore the possibilities of my unique unfolding self."
- Robert (The Gap) 2016



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