image of women looking calm relaxed and at peace anxiety depression and stress managementDoes Hypnotherapy really help depression, anxiety and stress…

The short answer is yes!  Hypnotherapy does really help depression, anxiety and stress.

The mind is at the root of much depression, anxiety and constant stress, when the roots lie in negative, destructive thought patterns buried in the subconscious mind. These patterns can be about ourselves that are damaging to our self-esteem, thoughts about others that are counter-productive to forming happy relationships, or thoughts about life itself which make it a daily struggle for us. It is these thought patterns that create the unwanted feelings of depression, anxiety and stress .

These patterns all respond to the established protocols of hypnotherapeutic intervention, which involves identifying the underlying cause and replacing it with an alternative, healthier perspective. This is done in conscious discussions with the therapist and through hypnosis to access the subconscious mind. The deep relaxation of the hypnotic state is itself healing, working to calm the emotions and give the body-mind an immersion in endorphins – nature’s own tranquillity hormone. Take-home techniques reinforce the gains of the therapy sessions.

So take a permanent break – find out for yourself just how hypnotherapy really does help depression, anxiety and stress.

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