Do you suffer from SMG?

What is SMG you ask?

Read on to find out…

  • Are you a stay at home mum?
  • Did you always want to have children?
  • Do you often find yourself wondering why it is so hard and wonder where the joy is?
  • Do you feel like you are not doing a good enough job as a parent?
  • Do you feel lonely because you think everyone else has their ‘s**t’ together but you?
  • Do you often question yourself and feel unsure of your decisions?
  • Do you use alcohol and/or food to help you feel better?
  • Do you feel challenged by parenting and the demands of your family?
  • Do you have an idea of how you want your life to be but not sure how to make it a reality?

This is SMG or “shit mum guilt”.

For many years I suffered with undiagnosed SMG…I’d always wanted to be a mum and then when I had my first child I felt like I’d been hit by a tsunami of sleeplessness, unease, anxiety and guilt.  At the time I didn’t even realise I was feeling so emotionally bankrupt and what’s worse I felt like I couldn’t tell anyone for fear of being judged as a bad mum.  I really thought that everyone had their shit together and that it was just me, I was a bad mum.  I never felt confident being able to make any decisions for worry that I would make the wrong one, which ended up just leaving me paralysed. I would often use junk food and or alcohol to make me feel better and of course it did but only for the short term.  In the long term it just made me feel worse about myself.

It wasn’t until many years later after I had given birth to our third child that I began to open up to other mums.  I soon discovered that I wasn’t alone…other mums also experienced many of these same emotions.  Suddenly things started to shift and change.  I sort out the help of friends and professionals.  And now I can help you…if you are a stay at home mum who struggles to find time to take care of yourself and it causes you to feel like you are failing as a parent…if you use alcohol and/or food to feel better, I can help you regain your confidence, take control of your life so that you can be happier in yourself and become a positive role model to your children.



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