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Getting High on Endorphins to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression


Everyday tensions and stresses cause an array of physical and chemical reactions within us that can have negative effects on our health if not managed well. Such tensions can turn into ongoing anxiety, which if left unchecked can lead to depression. Anyone dealing with anxiety or depression knows the debilitating effects of living with these conditions day to day.


Whilst the first point of contact if you are dealing with either of these issues is your GP, it may also be worthwhile to appreciate how your very own body can assist in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and depression and managing everyday stress before it becomes more serious.


Now, a question:  Why on earth does the body have, massed in the brain and spinal                                                      cord, receptors for opiates, such as heroin or morphine?

Answer:                  Because the body produces its own opiate-like hormones whose                                                        function is to activate these receptors and trigger a natural analgesic,                                                pain control and relaxation response.


These hormones have the added bonus of giving us a feeling of tranquillity. They are known as endorphins … our own private narcotic. They function to inhibit the transmission of pain signals to our brains and to produce feelings of wellbeing.


During hypnotherapy sessions clients experience deep relaxation and are directly assisted by the therapist using professional, clinical interventions. They are also given techniques to manage those issues, be they stress, anxiety or depression.


But in addition to the profound effects of the therapy itself and the mental and emotional effectiveness of the techniques taught, all sessions and techniques involve relaxation. And relaxation always comes with the calming side effects of our own natural relaxant and feel good hormone, endorphin. With ongoing practice, stress, anxiety and depression can be reduced and often alleviated.


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