Do I ‘GO UNDER’ in Hypnosis?

“Do I GO UNDER in hypnosis?”


Hypnosis is not about going “under”.  I don’t put you “under” anything 🙂


I hear this often as a hypnotherapist and it makes me realise that there are still some misconceptions about what hypnosis actually is.


The statement of belief of ‘going under’ assumes that someone else has control over you.  This is not the case with hypnosis.  You are in complete control and are aware of your surroundings.



Hypnosis is a completely natural state, in fact it is a state of hyper awareness – the perfect state for learning if you like.  If a suggestion was offered that did not resonate with you, your mind would simply not accept it.  This is why our discussions at the start of each session are so important.  This time allows the hypnotist to discover how you see world and then offer suggestions during the session that are in line with our view of the world.



Some say it is and I agree to an extent.  Think reading a good book and becoming absorbed in the story line…gazing into a fire…being focused on something you enjoy and loosing track of time.  Do you remember a time when driving…whereabouts you reached your destination and couldn’t recall the journey???  That’s because your conscious mind was otherwise occupied and your unconscious mind took over (lucky you’ve had all those years of practicing so that driving has become second nature).


So if you need assistance ridding yourself of unhelpful habits, letting go of negative thoughts or emotions & generally feeling challenged or overwhelmed by life you can be assured that by seeing a qualified Hypnotherapist you won’t be getting ‘put under’ anywhere and that you can begin to create more clarity and peace in your life.


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