Hypnosis for Childbirth

(HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method)

What is HypnoBirthing®?

For most of their lives, women have been inundated with the negative stories of other women’s birth experiences. Everyone, from their mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends, and even strangers, wants to tell them the horrors of giving birth. They have been conditioned to believe that excruciating pain is associated with labour; and because of this, women today hold an unprecedented fear of giving birth.  HypnoBirthing is changing that view.

This extreme fear causes their bodies to become tense, and tension prohibits their bodies from easily performing a normal physiological function. The result is exactly what they feared most – long, painful birthing or unnecessary intervention.

But it doesn’t have to (nor should it) be that way…

HypnoBirthing® will alleviate your fear of giving birth.

Women who are drawn to this method of childbirth have been searching for a way to give birth confidently and as calmly, safely, and gently as possible. Through a very simple program of self-hypnosis and education, healthy, low-risk women, as well as women who need medical assistance because of special circumstances, learn to dismiss fear-based stories, misinformation, and birthing myths; and they are helped to see birth as normal. They learn to trust that their bodies know how to bring their babies into the world in the calm and gentle way that Nature intended.

HypnoBirthing’s® not just for hippies!

I believe that HypnoBirthing is for every women. It doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen to birth in a hospital, a birthing centre, at home or even via c-section. HypnoBirthing is about preparing your mind and body for the natural process that is childbirth.

Click here to read my own personal HypnoBirthing story, a beautiful, empowering and healing birth while labouring in a birth pool.

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