Does Hypnotherapy Really Help With Stress?




“According to the dictionary stress is a mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”. Stress can be chronic meaning it is an ongoing state and it can also be acute, which means it may just occur due to a particular event such as exams or a job interview.

Our busy lives can leave us with a feeling of ongoing stress. Our mind does not understand that the overdue deadline is not in fact a saber tooth tiger tying to score a quick drive through meal.



As our minds respond involuntarily to the physical conditions of our lives is it any wonder that we can feel out of control? Ongoing stress can (& usually does) cause physiological symptoms…it can cloud our judgment – preventing us from focusing accurately, leave us susceptible to illness by compromising our immune system, loss of appetite, headaches, fatigue, irritability &/or anger, anxiety and in some cases even depression.



Stress (whether perceived or real & this perception has its root in the mind) causes a chemical reaction in the body and causes us to respond in a certain way. Responses differ person to person however some of the more common responses are an increased heart rate, rapid breathing, tightening of certain muscles, increased blood pressure, suppression of appetite – amazingly, all these responses are designed to protect you, to save you. These responses can be utilized to help you fight or to help you flee otherwise known as the ‘fight or flight’.



Hypnosis offers as an escape from the ongoing stresses of life. Hypnosis is a mind body therapy. As a hypnotherapist I believe that much of stress that we put on ourselves can be traced back to the mind and the unconscious programs that are running under the surface of our conscious mind. By choosing hypnosis to help with stress you can access the underlying programs and offer them a new more favourable perspective. Perspectives that allow you to feel more in control, enhance your body’s ability to deal with stress and help you feel calm and relaxed.


Hypnotherapy gets to the root cause of stress and helps the body to recalibrate itself in order to activate the relaxation response. Once this relaxation response has been activated and the body has been able to recalibrate itself, most people find that they are able to cope much more effectively with stress and with less negative affects on the mind and body.



The first thing I like to do in a session is find out from the client what they want to achieve, then we work together to ascertain the most appropriate way for that to happen. I like to work with the clients’ goals, motivations and perspectives as my primary driver. This means that the therapy is client focused, when this happens it means that the positive changes have a much better chance of being long lasting. During the first session in particular I always like people to experience a deep and very tranquil physical relaxation, even just experiencing this state for as little as an hour can help people feel more able to cope with life’s daily demands and stresses.

As a client, I would highly recommend Trish’s services to anyone, without hesitation.  Trish is very professional and highly effective.  After spending considerable time to get to know the client, to identify their concerns/ issues, Trish takes a practical, multi faceted approach and applies Her techniques intuitively to tailor sessions to address specific issues for a specific client.  Trish is mindful, perceptive, empathetic, insightful and unique”.

I am a female clinical hypnotist working from a quiet private hypnotherapy clinic in The Gap, Brisbane. I service The Gap, Ashgrove, Red Hill, Toowong and Keperra

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