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“I called Trish some weeks ago to discuss whether hypnosis may be appropriate given a few things that I have been struggling with for some time. Trish was great over the phone, listening to each of my issues and we established an appointment for a week down the track. Arriving at her office, I completed the questionnaire and then Trish and I spent another 20 minutes again discussing my issues and talking about a time when things were working well for me; not so well and what being able to more actively control these issues would look like for me. Then came the fun part! I got to lie down in a plush leather recliner and Trish tucked me in with a soft blanket. She spoke to me in a series of statements, leading me to a very relaxed state, although I struggled to maintain the ideas thought many times that I may not have been able to be hypnotised. The next thing I knew, I heard Trish quietly telling me to slowly open my eyes. I felt incredibly relaxed and light – as though I had just had the BEST sleep ever. On review, I learned that I had been hypnotised for a far greater timeframe than I had thought.
So, a week later, how do I feel? I feel great (despite a little upset tummy yesterday). I have found that sticking to the plans that I have made has been easier, I am far less anxious and stressed than prior to the hypnosis (and this is during an organisational restructure!), and the relaxed feeling that I had a week ago has continued to a more functional degree. The desire to do things that I am trying to control (eating, drinking and being inactive) is certainly greatly reduced. Its not that the thoughts don’t pop into my head; but I am more calmly rejecting them. Overall, I would say that, for me, hypnosis with Trish was a really worthwhile experience and I am very glad that I did it. I am looking forward to seeing how I manage my habits in the weeks and months to come.”    Alex – The Gap

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