Hypnosis to Improve Athletic Performance

Sometimes the hardest thing about achieving your physical goals is quieting that voice in your head, the one that says negative things like ‘this is too hard’, ‘this hurts’, ‘stop’ etc etc.  Maybe it is about achieving more focus, keeping your mind sharply on target, honing your skill, fine tuning your techniques…perhaps it’s about opening up positive lines of communication between your mind and your body.

The unconscious mind is the driving force between beliefs and behaviours, so it makes sense that a technique which elicits change at an unconscious level can be highly effective in bringing about positive change in your chosen field.  Working in a collaborative environment together we can develop new habits, perspectives and new healthy ways of responding and in turn release unhealthy or unproductive emotions such as self doubt that can prevent you from moving to next level.

By utilising that creative part of your mind (we all have it) you can begin to increase self belief and confidence in order to excel beyond what previously thought possible.   Learn to breathe in a productive manner that will decrease performance anxiety or pre game jitters, quiet the mind, release anxiety, acquire 100% focus as you learn to dispel external distractions.

What you picture in the mind you can acquire in your body.

Testimonial from local gym owner, power lifter & general Wonder Woman, Chantal.

“I started seeing Trish for hypnotherapy semi regularly after I competed in the GPC states powerlifting competition in 2016 and completely bombed due to my own negative self talk. Failing many of my lifts and hating the experience I swore I would never compete again. Prior to that experience, I never really understood what it meant to self sabotage yourself, in any form. I knew people did it to themselves through diet, performance, exercise, the list goes on, but I had never experienced it myself at such intensity. I walked away from that experience feeling a lot of self pity and had inwardly decided I would never compete again, telling myself I was far better put to use as a coach on the sideline, not as an athlete. 

I sat with that for a few days, but then got over it and reached out to Trish to see if she could help me. I don’t generally let things beat me, and I wasn’t about to let my own head beat me. Fast forward to the lead up to the 2017 GPC states and my 12 week prep is a completely different story. Armed with strategies Trish and I collaboratively came up with in our sessions together, I am suddenly having an extremely positive experience with my training and prep. The injuries are reduced, I am able to put a stop to any negative self talk with tools Trish has given me and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

On the day of the actual comp, I felt like a completely different person. I was focussed, I felt like I was worthy of being there, I had an athletes mindset and I was successful, beyond what I ever expected. I can’t wait to see what Nationals brings for me and will continue to see Trish during the prep to strengthen my mind, just like any other muscle. What I have learnt from this experience is that we can take control of our mind, our thoughts and our performance, but sometimes we need a little help from a friend. Xx “


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